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August Classes

2017 August Class Schedule for the local crafter in Brooklyn 11205 area.

Small classes four people. 

Guaranteed to have a finished project to take home!

Three hours class

Sock Doll Workroom - Boy - Girl Sock Doll or Make me Happy Sock Doll

Two hours class

Flower Pincusion Workroom - Pincushion Ring, Pincushion Blacelet and Big Flower pincushion that can be a brooch. 

Bias Tape Woven Coaster and Star Workroom - Fun Bias Tapes by Hoodies-Goodies Projects. Your choice of four kind of our Bias Tape combination.

Fab-Gami Workroom - Your choice of Hoodie's Fabrics in our stock. Make fabrics to fabric paper. Learn folding CRANE and MENKO CUBE. 

One-on-One Sewing Workroom

Machine Sewing Projects, Hand Sewing Projects, Paper-craft Projects, Recycled Projects, Mother or Father, and a Child Projects.

Guaranteed to have a finished project to take home!

A choice of your project.

  • Sock Doll Projects - Boy and Girl, Make me Happy doll, Animals,
  • Fab-gami Projects
  • Bias Tape Woven Projects
  • Pincushion Projects
  • Apron Projects
  • Bag Projects
  • Recycled Projects
  • Pillow Projects
  • Stuffed Animal - Cat, Fish and bird Projects

Materials - included.

Make appointment. Date and time will be discussed.

Location - Building # and Suite # Via email

Contact :