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Veggie Patch Washable Facemask summer version - Unisex


Unisex - Washable 3 layers facemask and disposable Gauze $13

Washable Gauze 3 layers Pad - $2

Veggie Patch Collection by Hoodie Crescent for Blank Quilting

Facemask  Regular 7 3/4 x 4 1/4   Large 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 Extra-large 8 3/4 x 4 5/8

If you want to Large size, Please NOTE it when you check out. Otherwise, you will receive a regular size.

Your Combo in the plastic bag! Any collection with! Please NOTE your choice when you check out. Save your dollar!

  • Outside - Cotton 100%
  • Inside - Cotton 100% Gauze double
  • Pad - Cotton 100% Gauze 

Very comfy and stylish!

Facemask Care Instructions
* Hand Wash with hot water.
It is not necessary to be very hot,
if you want to use boiling water,
wear kitchen gloves, and it might be a good idea
to use boiling water that helps to kill the virus more.
 * Natural Dry - Wrap towel the wet mask
and get rid of the water. It will be dry faster.

Suggestion to put extra pat, you receive a disposal gauze pad
with your face-mask. We recommend
to purchase the washable pad $2
and wash it every time you use your mask and pad,
then wash often the pad than the face mask.

* Please adjust elastic bands for your size,
and you can replace your choice of strings or elastic bands.

The paper clip wire for your nose was installed already for adults
enclose the paper clip for teen, kid, and toddler’s mask.
If you need the instruction of the nose wire (Paper Clip)

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