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Trilok School

Dear Kiwi Class Students & Parents,

Thank you for visiting here!

If your concern why your child is not here because I haven't received your permission slip. Please send me your permission via email.
I put your child's file on the site.

I have heard none of our students bring back their portraits home.
They should keep their portraits. Contact Trilok School or me.

It supposes to be finished by sewing. It is temporary placement with fuses right now.
Please careful to take care of it. It is easy to peel off.
Unfortunately, We didn't have time to go to next step in this year.

If your child wants to learn machine-sewing or hand-sewing on the portrait and completes, I want to work it out with your child.

We discuss more details if you want.  Please contact me.

I had a wonderful time with your child in many ways.
Thank you for the letters and your work!!!!!

Keep in touch.

Best Regards,

Guest Artist for Trilok School / Hoodie CrescentSave