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Doodle Workroom on Fabric


Send your child's doodle (Age 2 to 7 years old) 

We finish your child's doodles as professional work of color combination and layout in repeat.

Choice of “Motif size” (Note when you check out)

(L) 4”to 6”

(M) 1” to 2”

(S) Under 1”

* Image only

* Second Colorway


* Printed on Cotton 100% Kona Ultra

A yard $60 include Strike-offs $20 plus shipping cost and handling fee

We adjust colors for final decision on the fabric with printer.

What is "Strike-off" ?

A sample of printed fabric from the printer before we make productions. 

(We carefully check the printing process with the printer until we approve. We ask the printer to send us test print on the fabric, then we check and correct colors. Hopefully, we could approve quickly, but sometimes NOT. We will contact you our processing and delivery time as soon as we find it out. Prepare for three weeks to a month after you send us your child's doodle.)

* Additional yardage per yard $25 include shipping

Choose Ground Color ­­­ (Note when you check out)

    1. Red Ground
    2. Orange Ground
    3. Pink Ground
    4. Yellow Ground
    5. Purple Ground
    6. Blue Ground
    7. Green Ground
    8. White Ground
    9. Black Ground
    10. Up to us

      Your child's Doodle Artwork

      • Send us Copy (it should be Scanned) of your children’s doodle. It should be executed in pencil, crayon, marker or brush.
      • We prefer only line work. Please do not send us colored doodle.
      • The paper should be white or lighter
      • If you want to combine two doodles in one – please send them both.
      • Via email or Dropbox - Scan / 300dpi PDF or JEPG. Any size.
      • Note your child's first name and age when the doodle was created and year.
      • Choose your color image. Note when your check-out or when you send me the scanned doodle work.

      Send original work to


      A: Permission for using our collaboration artwork on our Social Media

      Please note when you check-out : YES or NO

      B: We want to use your child's first name and and age on our social media.

      Please note when you check-out : YES or NO

      C: Cancellation agreement

      Finished work (low-resolution 72dpi) will be sent by the email, if you are not satisfied with artwork, we will return 75% of your purchase.

      Please note when you check-out : YES or NO

      Don't forget to note "RED COLOR requirements" with your order!

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