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Fab-Gami - AUGUST


Have fun learning "Origami" using fabric (Folding Cloth).

Fab-Gami Workroom. (Introduction)

You will learn how to make Fab-Gami.

Choice of

  • Bird mask - will post images
  • Crane - One of the most famous symbol for long life in Japan. 
  • Menko Cube - Traditional Style of origami cube. (6 units)

Two-hour Class. Beginner level to all levels. Materials - included.

------  We will provide intermediate class in future for the student who take the introduction class. Menko Globe - Make 12 units, 30 units. (Picture will post)

Four to six people per class. Just like a private lesson!

Guaranteed to have a finished project to take home!

Plus you can get 10% off coupon for your next class.

For last minute Lucy! (students) or if you want to bring your friend,

Call 917-421-9733 to ask availability. Only Cash accepted at the door. 


When you decide to take the class, please email me and describe your skill level.

Location - Building # and Suite # bia the e-mail.

Instructor : hoodie

Fabric and graphic designer


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