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Fab-Gami - JUNE


Have fun learning "Origami" using fabric (Folding Cloth).

Fab-Gami Workroom. (Introduction)

You will learn how to make Fab-Gami.

Crane - One of the most famous symbol for long life in Japan. 

Menko Cube - Traditional Style of origami cube. (6 units)

Two-hour Class. Beginner level to all levels. Materials - included.

------  We will provide intermediate class in future for the student who take the introduction class. Menko Globe - Make 12 units, 30 units. (Picture will post)

Four to six people per class. Just like a private lesson!

Guaranteed to have a finished project to take home!

Plus you can get 10% off coupon for your next class.

For last minute Lucy! (students) or if you want to bring your friend,

Call 917-421-9733 to ask availability. Only Cash accepted at the door. 


When you decide to take the class, please email me and describe your skill level.

We will send you direction bia the e-mail.

See you then! 


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