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Mixed Media Art Class / One-on-One for Children


Our classes help and lead children to the right direction of attitude, concentration, and skills.

  • Portrait
  • Pillow
  • Book Cover
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Wall-Art

If your child has his or her idea, I will help and show them techniques to better design to finish.

Second Picture - He designed it from his favorite character onto his pillow.

We made it together. Sewing finish. 12x12   

2 to 3 hours need. It depends on your child's skills, or my help :)

2 hours x 3 / includes Machine Sewing Skill.

Monthly (2 hours each)

Additional - If you want to send two children (Siblings)

Please choose "Two-on-One" 20% discount price.

Make appointment.

Location - Building # and Suite # via e-mail.


Instructor : Hoodie Crescent


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