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Hello friendly shoppers,

      Stands for "fab" of course - fabric and fabulous. "a-la-carte" is a choice from the variety of the menu that we have or we will. Mainly, we develop our products using original fabrics (Designed by Hoodie Crescent) and a unique selection of vintage fabrics.

      Sewing Time

      DIY - Sewing Patterns - Unique 3D crafts
      Fabrics - Fat quarter bundle, your choice of Hoodie's Fabrics, 1/4 yard x4 pack, 1/2 yard x2 pack, a yard pack, two yards pack, three yards pack.
      Please check Hoodie's Collection site "Door to Hoodie Fabric" 

      Project Sale -  Stuffed Animals, Sock-dolls, Aprons, and more. 

      Be Stylish - Kimono Bag, 2020 surprises.

      Hoodie's Goodies Publishing  - Look at Yourself in the air card set!

      Workroom - Unique Craft Classes / Aprons, Stuffed Animals, Sock Dolls, Quilted Notebook cover, and Fabric Portrait, Pin Cushions, Leaf Coasters, Free piecing quilt, Quilted pillow,

      One-on-One Workroom. - Bring a friend who gets 50%off! pay at the door.

      Art Therapy with the Ghobbuls quotes and artwork  - Feel you good, make you happy, get you confidence! Visit or Remote?

      Appointment Only.

      Fabric Self-Portrait Workroom - Maximum Four in a class / Will schedule soon

      Hoodie's Classes at Sew and Vac, Poughkeepsie  Sign-up at Sew and VaC.

      March 14th - Quilted Organizer
      April 4th - Fabric Portrait, Hoodie will help your face drawing if you need it!!!

      We will schedule every Saturday 10:30 three hours

      Instructor - Hoodie Crescent (Artist, Designer, painter, Quilter, Photographer, and Certificated Therapeutic Art Life Coach)

      Any Questions Contact /

      Featured Collections

      DIY - Sewing Pattern PDF Files