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      BEST OFFER ---- Hoodie's Fat Quarter Bundle, Assorted DOZEN for $20  /  FOU BUNDLES, $80 - FREE SHIPPING!The duplicated fabrics will replace different design or color!

      Check The poster, Greeting Cards! Floral cards!

      "Measure Apron" is on "Handmade Goodies"

      2021 - encourages you to stay focused on your highest ideals and expectations as the angels and Universal Energies are working behind the scenes helping and guiding you in many unseen ways. There may be some new opportunities or directions for you to take that will lead you towards new and exciting situations and circumstances, so pay attention to your inner-wisdom and the signs and messages from your angels, then take positive action. Trust that you are lovingly supported and surrounded by your angels who are offering constant guidance and assistance.


      Stands for "fab" of course - fabric and fabulous. "a-la-carte" is a choice from the variety of the menu that we have or we will. Mainly, we develop our products using original fabrics (Designed by Hoodie Crescent) and a unique selection of vintage fabrics.

      Sewing Time

      DIY - Sewing Patterns - Unique 3D crafts
      Fabrics - Fat quarter bundle!

      Your choice of Hoodie's Fabrics. Largest is two yards! if you are lucky!

      Handmade Goodies -  Stuffed Animals. Aprons, Kimono Bags / Earrings and Ring for Valentine.

      Art on Print- Postcards, Posters, Giclee prints, Silkscreen prints,

      Book / Look at Yourself in the air -  33 deck of cards! Limited! It will be gone soon!

      One-on-One Workroom. - Unique Craft Classes / Aprons, Stuffed Animals, Sock Dolls, Quilted Notebook cover, and Fabric Portrait, Pin Cushions, Leaf Coasters, Free piecing quilt, Quilted pillow,

      Let speak and understand Japanese! includes Japanese art, make you happy and get your confidence!

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