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Hello friendly shoppers,

      The Summer version is ready! Light weight. Inside - Double gauze.

      The Winter version will be on the list at the end of September.

      Project Sale.  Facemask - Men's, Women's, Teen's, Kid's and Toddler's.

      Your choice of two masks, plus a pad in the box. Single order is available. Extra pads are available.

      Aftercare included, contact me!

      Free Facemask Tutorial on hoodie's pincushion blog.

      Regarding the donation masks to the hospitals, 
      Please go to FB page of Sew and Vac NY.

      There is a making mask tutorial video as well.

      You can make yourself at home!!!!!!!

      Our story on the magazine "Chronoagram"


      Take a lot of Vitamin C!


      Stands for "fab" of course - fabric and fabulous. "a-la-carte" is a choice from the variety of the menu that we have or we will. Mainly, we develop our products using original fabrics (Designed by Hoodie Crescent) and a unique selection of vintage fabrics.

      Sewing Time

      DIY - Sewing Patterns - Unique 3D crafts
      Fabrics - Fat quarter bundle, your choice of Hoodie's Fabrics, 1/4 yard x4 pack, 1/2 yard x2 pack, a yard pack, two yards pack, three yards pack.
      Please check Hoodie's Collection site "Door to Hoodie Fabric" 

      Art on Paper - Postcards, Posters, Giclee prints, Silkscreen prints

      Project Sale -  Pride Mask, Stuffed Animals, Sock-dolls, Aprons, and more. 

      Be Stylish - Kimono Bag, 2020 surprises.

      Hoodie's Goodies Publishing  - Look at Yourself in the air card set!

      Workroom - COVID-19 / We closed workroom in Beacon and Sew and Vac

      Unique Craft Classes / Aprons, Stuffed Animals, Sock Dolls, Quilted Notebook cover, and Fabric Portrait, Pin Cushions, Leaf Coasters, Free piecing quilt, Quilted pillow,

      One-on-One Workroom. - Available remote classes.

      Let speak and understand Japanes! includes Japanese art, Suibokuga!  - Feel you good, make you happy, get you confidence!

      All class in Remote. Zoom, Face-time or Skype!  Appointment Only.

      Hoodie's Classes at Sew and Vac, Poughkeepsie  Every Saturday 10:30 three hours soon! 

      Fabric Self-Portrait Workroom - Maximum Four in a class / Will schedule soon

      Hoodie will help your face drawing if you need it!!! It is a best class believe it!

      Instructor - Hoodie Crescent (Artist, Designer, painter, Quilter, Photographer, and Certificated Therapeutic Art Life Coach)

      Any Questions Contact /

      Featured Collections

      DIY - Sewing Pattern PDF Files