Wealth Creation

The year of the Ox urges us to focus on wealth and abundance,

Bringing a chance for us to seize new opportunities and generate additional income from untapped sources.

On the other hand, it can also encourage us to spend more than we would like.

So it’s essential to be mindful of where your cash is going.

You can harness the magic of the Ox by finding a balance between looking and thinking outside of the box for new investments and income streams

While also tapping into that steady, honest and methodical Ox energy.

Look for the opportunities and be open to receiving new ideas but don’t get so carried away that you take unnecessary risks.

Always be sure to ground your excitement and innovative ideas first before acting on them.

When you come from a centered, self-assured and confident place, success will be yours.


The year of the Ox is a great time to renew your relationship with the natural abundance of the Universe through visualization.

If you want to open yourself up to new ways of making money, but you haven’t the faintest idea where to start,

Begin with meditation and visualization.

Remember that abundance is not purely about money.

t’s a vibrational frequency on the level of infinite and limitless possibilities and opportunities.

t is defined as not having any limits at all.

Whatever you can dream of, you can create in your life if you believe that you can.

It’s as simple (and as complicated) as that!

Simple. Because it truly is simple once you get the hang of it.
Complicated. Because getting rid of those limiting beliefs is a huge challenge and takes work.
Under the year of the Ox, why not choose to connect to the frequency of abundance every single day and make it a new habit for 2021?
Consider what kinds of things make you feel abundant.
Write down what abundance really means to you.
It could mean the freedom to travel,
The freedom to design your days how you want to spend them,
It could mean more family time, or more time alone.
It could mean two houses and a boat!
Whatever makes you feel abundant is right for you.
Just be sure to spend time really connecting with what abundance means to you.
And to see that while wealth certainly brings choice, abundance in itself is not necessarily about money,
But rather about what that money offers your life experience.
Focus on the abundant life experience first, before you worry about where the money will come from.
All you need to do is get specific about what it is and then visualize it.
Making sure that you feel the excitement and happiness of this imaginary abundance and allow yourself to get lost in those high vibrating emotions.
Feel the sensations of abundance in your physical body as your mind goes there.
Use this feeling as a reminder to tap into abundance every single day.
Organization and Stability
The year of the Ox is also a good time to get organized, putting your ideas into action, and making steady progress on your dreams.
The Yin Metal quality of this Ox year can symbolize rigidity, as metal is a difficult element to work with.
However, the Yin energy is creative and inspires a certain flow and ease.
Yin is about intuition, stillness, peacefulness, and imagination.
It will bring a certain calm to everything you do this year and help you to go with the flow of things, no matter how rigid or confining they may be.
You can tap into your Yin energy to go within, and build a stronger connection to your inner self and hear the wisdom contained there.
This is important to remember, particularly at the beginning of this year, where many of us still face limitations and restrictions on movement and work opportunities.
If you’re feeling confined, remember the Ox’s Yin energy can help you to find freedom, flow and space no matter what.
Connect and be Grounded
The Ox can also be stubborn.
So make sure you are connecting to your higher mind as often as possible to surrender to the energetic flow of whatever comes your way without rigidity.
Be grounded, yet able to move with ease.
It’s a delicate balance, but one you can find when you tune in to yourself and practice calm, nurturing, and stable activities —
Such as meditation, walking in nature, eating healthy, whole foods, and connecting to the earth regularly.
Sending Light & Love
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