Statement of Hoodie A Curator for EAST to PERFORM
I grew up in Japan, which is located in Asia. Japan was easy to be closed out from other countries because as an island country, the ocean's component waters surrounded it. However, our open eyes and minds have gotten many influences from abroad; we look at other Asian countries and places such as Europe, America, and Africa as cultural influences. We have adapted various sources from everywhere onto our culture as well.  By chance, I am now able to be with talented artists from Asia. Thus, we have artists from Chinese, Korean, Indian and Japanese  backgrounds, drawing upon these four countries’ cultural heritage.

Now we are in one circle of Asia in the United States of America The contemporary mind is our mutual concept. We have had a connection from Eastern Cultures. We have PERFORMED each work of art at the same place simultaneously. Each artist’s words are in each artist’s art.
Please listen to it, please feel it, please look at it.
6 Chinese, 6 Korean, 2 Indian, 1 Taiwanese, 4 Japanese Total 19 artists!
Please write your name or your wishes on the body!

We erase your writing every week,
then your writing move in the air.
Nature could hear your voices.

“Three in One” is meaning of my life stance, (Drawing was born in 2002 that overlapped on my Japanese poetry placed in reverse,  photoshop finished. It is revived as a wooden board statue in 2020.)
“Rising Sun” is a Symbol of Japan. It is supposed to work with Three in One, delayed until 2021.
“Crescent Moon” is the origin of my present Last name. It must need two concepts to complete as part of Three in One concept.
Sun-light to Moon-light, life stream is in nature, our spirits fly into the air and allows our anxieties to go and create new energy day by day.

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