My paints (Artworks) went to the gallery 40, Poughkeepsoe NY on MARCH 1st. We made our opening reception on MARCH 7th. I took a special classes in two days 10th and 11th. We are still having regular days.

Then we were onto the "Shut Down" next week.
I started making my Pride Masks on March 15th; Then, I was starting making donation masks with Sew and Vac on 17th.

Our "e pluribus unum" at Gallery 40 is still going on until the 26th that I belive.

I don't know what is going on there; the Gallery Curator hasn't contacted us yet. I guess my "Just Because "hasn't hung at the cafe because of the shop closed.

I don't ask what is going on our exhibition?!

No one knows tomorrow! I'm in my place and talking with friends and family and making masks to the hospitals - donations or orders from friends and family every day.

Thank you for chipping me for the masks. It will help for my living as well.

I'm having days just like "Groundhog Day"! My friend Kevin (Sew and Vac) who makes and in charges donation masks for the hospitals, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo describe their days as well.
The person who was in the movie got to be a better person and skilled in the repeating days. We will polish our inner mind, too. Keep working on whatever you can do now!!

Please take a lot of Vitamin C, drink water, wear the mask or cover your mouth when you go out, wash your hands often, keep your love to everybody. If you feel alone, please email me. I can be with you. You are not alone.
I love you!

Hoodie Crescent

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