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One-on-One Workroom


Holiday Stuffed Ornaments

Ornaments - Owl, Bird, Angel, Cat, Fish, etc. 

Bring your friend who gets 50% off. Make your party Four - maximum!

Machine Sewing Projects (Intermediate to Advance)

* Veggie Cafe Apron 

* Today's Apron

* Patchwork Stuffed Cat or Fish Pillow

* Quilted Pockets Notebook Cover

* Fabric Portrait 11"x14"

If you want to be your portrait on the pillow, bring your old insert pillow. We recycle it to 14"x14" pillow.

Includes Materials  Three hours

Hand Sewing Projects (Beginner to any levels)

* Make me Happy Sock Doll

* Accessories Pincushion

* Leaf Coaster

Includes Materials and after care, Two hours

One-on-One, Private Class! If you bring your friend,  friend gets 50%off. Appointment Only / Time - 10 to 1 or 2 to 5 (Sunday - afternoon only)

 Location : Off Main St. Beacon NY 12508 / Parking @ Hudson Valley Brewery

Building # and suite # via e-mail.

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