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Craft Workroom

One-on-One Workroom

* Flexible Project - Four Classes Two hour each class $150

an hour. single class $25, two hours $50

* Art Therapy with the Ghobbuls / Look at Yourself in the air

Change your subconscious thoughts in a month

Learning and developing your sewing and handcraft. Color combination, layout, concept and styling skills. Creating a project at Workroom helps your concentration and attitude.

60 min. each session $60  Full sessions, four times = $180.00

Remote session - by skype or facetime, available!

Appointment ONLY.

2020 Happy New Year Workroom - Group / Maximum Four in a class

Weekend class Saturday 10 to 1

* Fabric Self-Portrait three hours class $50

Includes Materials.

Hand-Sewing - Beginner to all level

After work class - Every Tuesday 6 to 8

Make me happy doll class / Two choices of styles. - Beennie or Antinna

Includes Materials.