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Hoodie Crescent

Let's speak, Write and Read Japanese!

Let's speak, Write and Read Japanese!

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Unique Japanese lessons for any age. Music, Art, movies, books, poems, games, and any subject you want to know in Japanese!

Q: Where are the classes?

A: At Underwear Factory 2nd Floor / 8 North Cherry St.  Poughkeepsie, NY 
I lead you in the right direction for your improvement of grammar, Writing, Reading, and Speaking on your level.

I give a lot of homework that will send by email. The assignment will be 5 to 10 pages that include our lesson fee. I check every project with you and improve your skills.

REMOTE LESSON: On Skype or face time or message video chat.

Schedule: Contact. 

Two-for-One Class an hour - Bring your friend for $60

Monthly payments save you 10% Lesson Fee

Teacher: Hoodie was born in Nagano, Raised in Osaka, JAPAN.

Lived in the US for 30 years.

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