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"Look at Yourself in the air" Deck of Cards

"Look at Yourself in the air" Deck of Cards

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Change your subconscious thoughts in a month by creating a positive attitude.

"Think of Ghobbuls as guiding angels for positive thinking in your life. Embrace their wisdom and let them lead you towards a brighter mindset."

This book will help you get rid of unnecessary, negative energy, anxiety and stress. Allow Ghobbuls to navigate you toward a positive mind that changes your attitude and outlook on life.

Find and meet your Ghobbuls who will talk to you every day for a month!"

How it works:
Choose the page (card) that you need for your day.
Keep reading this book whenever you face difficulties in life.
Allow the Ghobbuls to permeate and reinvent your subconscious thoughts.
Your positive attitude will stick around naturally after that.
Sincerely believe in yourself and live with the positive sayings of your Ghobbuls.
These comical Ghobbuls have unique sayings that will make you smile and take in positive energy that is contagious.

  1. Daily Practice: Start your day by reading Ghobbul's talk and repeat it whenever you face difficulties.

  2. Positive Reminder: Keep Ghobbul's teachings in mind throughout the day, especially during tough moments.

  3. Evening Reflection: Reflect on your day and read Ghobbul's talk again before bed to reinforce positivity.

By consistently engaging with Ghobbul's wisdom, you'll naturally cultivate a more positive mindset and attitude towards life.

Size : 2.56 x 2.56

Paper weight : 16pt 

33 cards and an instruction sheet

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