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I am a good Me-Me-Monster! PDF - Download File with the order.

I am a good Me-Me-Monster! PDF - Download File with the order.

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Change your subconscious thoughts in a month by creating a positive attitude with your guardian Ghobbuls.
"I am a good Me-Me-Monster" 2021 is the second book from "Look at yourself in the air" 2019

WHAT are
They are your navigators.
They pop up on your life’s timeline,
to point you in the right direction.

WHO is
We are all Me-Me-Monsters.
The KEY to Life can be seen from different
perspectives but the right one’s can develop
your new life.

How to find the reasons for your problems?
The way of your thoughts blocks your next step.

The hard part is the discipline of yourself.
Me-Me-Monster needs to adjust the mind.
Control yourself is the KEY of life.
The certainty for chances is everywhere,
but we don't know what correct messages are.
Your acception might look like the wrong choice on many occasions.
Do you keep asking my Ghobbuls what was wrong?
I feel like I'm abstaining and driving to ruin,
but the challenge has meaning to your winning process.
What will be a winning GOAL? What kind of reward can we expect?
Focus on finding the answer, not giving up.
It's a simple method, repeat manipulating your mind every minute.
Keep repeating the same positive thoughts for success.
Controlling yourself and your surroundings will change.
Please challenge the possibilities. Don't give up.
The Ghobbuls are always with you. Look at yourself with them.
You are not alone.

Set your mind correctly
Good Luck today with the best energy in the Universe!

All things will move in a better direction when you are happy!
> Happy, witty sayings
> Positive humor
> Comical friendly Ghobbuls
> Building confidence
> Spiritual freedom
> Based on a true story

* This layout is 8x8 illustrations are more details than Deck Card.

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